Behavioral Bundle


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Our ​Sexual Harassment in the Workplace ​ course aims to define, explain the impact, demonstrate how to report, intervene and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Mental Health Emergencies

Our ​Mental Health Emergencies ​ course aims to teach students various neurological and mental health emergencies and what to do when they occur.

Identifying & Reporting Child Abuse

Identifying & Reporting Child Abuse ​ aims to teach students how to effectively assess, identify, intervene and report cases of child abuse.

How to Respond to an Assault

Our ​How to Respond to an Assault ​ course seeks to equip our students with the essential skills to utilize during an assault.

Assessing and Preventing Suicide

​Our ​Assessing and Preventing Suicide ​ course is intended for healthcare professionals who deal with at-risk individuals and those with history of suicide attempt/s.

Communication Concepts for Health Professionals

Our ​Communication Concepts for Health Professionals ​ course seeks to improve the student’s communication skills in their respective workplace.

How to Deal with Patients with Mental Disorders

Our ​How to Deal with Patients with Mental Disorders ​ aims to equip students with the skills to effectively communicate with patients with mental health disorders.